Condominium Living
Today and Tomorrow

By Michael K. Fitzpatrick

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Condominium Living Today and Tomorrow is a closet full of worthwhile information pertaining to condominiums and living in a condo community skillfully packed into one sleek book.

Whether you know a lot or next to nothing about condominiums, this condensed, easy-to-read book caters to all. It centers on pertinent information and other points of interest that condo owners are drawn to.

Not to mention, it makes the ideal gift for that new condo owner!

Take A Peek Inside

Chapter 1

What Exactly Is a Condominium?

Chapter 2

Who Is in Charge of What?

Chapter 3

What Are My Responsibilities as Co-Owner?

Chapter 4

Are Rules Really Necessary?

Chapter 5

Why Do Co-Owners Pay Association Dues?

Chapter 6

Do Co-Owners Need Insurance?

Chapter 7

Emergencies and Nonemergencies in Condo Associations

Chapter 8

Plumbing and Maintenance Concerns

Chapter 9

Can I Rent Out My Condo?

Chapter 10

Thinking about Buying a Condominium?

Chapter 11

The Key to Successful Homeowner Associations

Chapter 12

Can One Person Make a Difference?

Condominium Living Today and Tomorrow


If you are considering buying a condominium for your next move - shop with confidence! Selecting a new home can be time-consuming and intimidating, but the book’s handy list of questions and tips for condo shoppers makes choosing the right condo home easier.


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See What Readers Are Saying

“As someone who has rented an apartment and always wondered what condo associations are all about, I found this book both informative and insightful. Fitzpatrick’s straightforward explanations, useful suggestions, and illustrative anecdotes clarify the entire process of owning a condo. Using the lists and surveys provided in this book, I can confidently find the perfect condo for me.” - Andrew Bird,
Author, Teacher
“This hands-on book is an asset for both current and future condominium owners that demystifies the buying process and the daily living concerns of a shared ownership community. Designed with the reader in mind, Condominium Living Today and Tomorrow, is a handbook that you will return to throughout your years of ownership, and supplies readers with quick tips and easy-to-understand guidance whether you have just begun considering a condominium or are many years into ownership. Fitzpatrick’s vast experience and devotion to the true meaning of homeownership communities deliver expert advice that will endure throughout all the years of your condo ownership journey.” - Alicia Schaeffer,
Writer/Editor & University Lecturer
“If you are considering purchasing a condominium, please take the time to be informed. Living in a condo gives you the freedom to come and go and not worry about cutting the lawn and shoveling the snow, but there are many things you may be responsible for. This book will help you ask the right questions. Easy to read and understand.” - Susan Trudeau,
Property Management Specialist

“Condominium Living Today and Tomorrow is a great resource for anyone thinking of purchasing a condo or if you’re already a condo owner.  This book is full of information and helpful tips that people might not typically think of.” - Susan Harring,
Graphic Designer


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About the Author

Michael K. Fitzpatrick

Michael K. Fitzpatrick, a native of Michigan, holds a Master of Science from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. Michael has served as president of a condominium association for over twenty years. This is the second book he has written. Condominium Living Today and Tomorrow is his first book made available to the public. He is a registered organ-and-tissue donor. After his death, proceeds from future book sales are to be disbursed to help people in need of financial assistance for organ and tissue transplant surgery.

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Condominium Living
Today and Tomorrow

By Michael K. Fitzpatrick

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